RB ASIA participated in the EBRD’s Business Diagnostics Training for Consultants

On June 19-21, 2019, RB ASIA team took part in the Business Diagnostics Training for Consultants, which was organized by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) within the Advice for Small Businesses program.

The training included practical and theoretical material to identify challenges and risks in small and medium-sized businesses, such as:

  • no strategic plan,

  • difficulties in attracting funding,

  • ineffective marketing,

  • poor performance management,

  • low competitiveness.

The coach of the training Vladimir Chernyavsky, most of the time, a problem presented by the client is not the real root of difficulties in the company. For this reason, consultant must perform in-depth diagnostic analysis of the company. Understanding the nature of the problem is a key for further work towards the project. The training was an interesting resource for acquiring new knowledge and for networking with colleagues from other consulting companies.

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